My Royal Badness


So things have been odd and good and bad and busy lately.

- I'm directing a piece for the Experimental Puppet Theatre at the Center for Puppetry Arts that I have to finish writing today. It will be made up of excerpts from the show Mudville I've been creating but I have to rework them to be more self-contained and puppet-oriented. Luckily Chris and Gina and Aileen have all been helping me with design ideas so I'm daunted but excited about the possibilities. A tarp will be provided for the front row.

- My mom was given notice this week that the Temple could no longer afford to keep her on staff. It will definitely be a big economic blow to them but more importantly, a lot of my Mom's identity was wrapped up in that job and a lot of my Dad's identity was wrapped up in not having my Mom around all day (kidding). People alway say how you want better things for your kids than you have. That being said, I want an easier life for my parents in their old age. They made a lot of sacrifices over the years for us. They shouldn't have to be paying any more for that.

-Also, back on restaurant recruitment for the TAP project for Unicef this week. If anyone in Atlanta works/owns or has friends that work/own in the foodservice industry, give me contact info so I can come twist your arm.

- Went and saw Michael Franti with my brother last night. First off, great damn show. Incredibly positive vibe that really made you want to dance which brings me to the other aspects of the night. We knew some friends of our family were going to be there last night and we ran into them when we walked in and they had taken the liberty of saving us some seats in the balcony. It was a very kind gesture that would be rude not to have accepted. I lasted 15 minutes sitting in the old people's section listening to this very sweet woman tell me about her kids non-stop, while the rest of the place was going nuts to great music, and I had to make a jail break. I spent the rest of the concert dancing my ass off on the floor. Which brings me to my last point - it made me incredibly homesick. This is especially sad because I'm supposedly at home, and was even there with my brother, but all I could think was how much fun it would be with Aileen there. I miss my dancing buddy.

Anyhow. That's me right now. Hope you're doing well out there.
My Royal Badness

Johnny, Hanky and all the Glenn's

I often make reference to the 5th scotch being "the devil" or the 8th scotch being "Godzilla", but I should just take a moment to point out that the first Scotch?...That's "Mom".

Hi, Mommy. I've had a week. Thanks for coming by.
My Royal Badness

Pitches are out there...

So I made reference previously to two potential shows that as of yesterday, I submitted to Dad's Garage. Now that I've got them out the door, here's the detail:

1) I did subject myself to the 6+hours of pain for something I think might be brilliant and as a result have pitched a show for Dad's new season titled Musical High School Ten - The New, New Class, Senior Year.

Collapse )
Among the Songs I'm writing:
- The Start of Something New…Again
- All of Us Are Special Even the Black Kid
- Staring Into the Abyss/Nothing Can Stop Us if We Work Together
- Before You Fucked It Up (love ballad)
- Unicorns, Rainbows, Everything Must Die.

2) I mentioned another idea this week, that I thought would be original but has already been done. I wanted to adapt the 1978 Made For TV Moive Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park to the stage, but a theatre in St. Louis has beaten me to it by only 6 months. This is good though because I spoke with the author and he's sending me their script for us to use!

2008 had one more kick in the ass for me, but screw that shit. I'm headed to berlin next week to see rubberdux and the boys and have a great time and I'll deal with this shit when I get back in 2009.
My Royal Badness

Weirdness in my head

It's the holidays and I just turned 42 and things are a little weird right now and I'm feeling my age for the first time in my life (says the man who had a triple bypass at the age of 39) but I just want to things NOW!

That thing you've been thinking about? The "wouldn't it be cool if I...?"
The "someday I'm gonna...?"
The "when the economy turns around I'd like to...?"

Do that shit NOW! You deserve it.
Doors are closing people. Stick your foot in there and pry that shit open.
My Royal Badness

Dang It!

Looks like one of the best ideas I've ever had for a new original theatre work that I was going to pitch to Dad's is going to have to become a scripted work pitch, cause another theatre company beat me to it, and judging by the reviews, kicked ass with it. Fill you in later....
My Royal Badness

Mikeynomics Lesson #34

If I weren't going to Berlin in 2 weeks, I would SO be going to Vegas this weekend...(and of course winning enough to cover my trip to the European Poker Tour in Prague next week)

This whole band in Berlin thing is starting to mess with my investments in my future. Though I have been promised a squad of skateboarding crime-solving monkeys to call my own.
My Royal Badness

(no subject)

Tijjsshhh! Tijjsshhh! Tijjsshhh!

That's the sound of me fake crotch-punching 3 of my co-workers while passing them in the hallway. There are times I truly enjoy my work environment.

Okay tonight have to finish a project for dad's and maybe go hang with folks at highlander.
Tomorrow, Invasion Xmas and Campus Strikeforce (anyone game?)and an art opening maybe
Saturday, attempted writing of stuff that's not crap, shopping for warm clothes, dinner with the folks, than maybe go catch a local soul review at the EARL (missy_carter?) and Chick and Boozy midnight for the bday.
Was hoping to host a poker tourney for the bday on Sunday but no luck finding cheap tables and chairs. Too much hassle. Plus I have two scripts to finish by Thursday.
Then for work I have to code 3 contest websites, do all my end of year bookkeeping, organize the kitting for Unicef, and a whole mess more so I can get caught up enough to head to Berlin for the holidays.

Plus there's Carter's party, Kingsized Xmas Spectacular, and at some point I need to buy gifts for people.

SWAMPED! And yet I find time to punch people's crotches while humming "The Most Wonderful Time of The Year"

ADDENDUM Forgot to mention the doctor shows I've lost 25 pounds since my last physical 18 months ago. He should have seen me before Thanksgiving. Good health although he shoved a hand up my tuchus and expressed concern about the health of my prostitutes. Him and me both.
My Royal Badness

Down with the sickness

I'm at the doctor's office for a physical and there are about7 or 8 pharmaceutical reps in the waiting room. They're al wearing very pricey clothes, playing freecell on their laptops, braggiing to each other about their new products and saying things about how they're actually having to use their incentive points to buy nintendo's for the kids this Christmas instead of the coach bag or golf clubs they wanted for themselves. " the kids don't get that we're broke just cause they're in private school..."

If I wasn't sick before, I am now.